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Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018

Below are the activities that took place:

Activity 1:

  • In connection with the theme “Create, connect and share respect”, the focus is on “cyberbullying”. Kindly share messag that encourage positively and respect on your social network platforms throughout the month as we head towards 6 February 2018.

Activity 2 – main event: 

  • Breakfast launch.
  • Children’s presentation on child online safety manifesto.
  • Taking account: five years of Child Online Protection in Kenya (by various organisations).
  • Talk from cyberbullying Ambassador-Adelle Onyango.
  • Industry one-on-one education with the children at the main event.

Activity 3:

  • Visit to online reporting centre (Ke-Cirt) – Communications Authority.

Activity 4:

  • Visiting schools that will not be able to attend the SID event, distributing materials (during thewhole week).

Activity 5 – signing commitment board, committing to:

  • Making significant changes, initiatives and contribution towards protecting children online.
  • Going to the ground to interact with the children, educating and listening to their views (weekly tours).
  • Developing policies to make children safe online.

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