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Date   : 7th February 2017

Venue:  Statehouse Girls High School

Theme: ‘Be the change- Unite for a better internet’.


Safer Internet Day is a day set aside to highlight positive use of technology and to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community. Safer Internet Day 2017 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 7th February with the slogan ‘Be the change: Unite for a better internet’.

In Kenya, Watoto Watch Network organized Safer Internet Day 2017, which was held at Statehouse Girls High School. This year, the celebration brought together children and young people, teachers and various stakeholders. The organizations that took part in this year’s event includes; Communications Authority of Kenya, Facebook, Terres des Hommes Netherlands, Safaricom, Childline Kenya, Cellulant, U-Tena, Lawmark Partners and TESPOK. Schools present included; State House girls, Precious Blood Secondary-Riruta, Nova Academies, Moi Educational Center, Makini School, State House Primary and Ndurarwa Primary.

The event brought together 350 students from various schools, both public and private. The schools present participated in an open competition where they came up with ideas on how to make the internet better for all children and young people in Kenya. The competition ran from January. School children, both from primary and secondary took part in the competition and the winners were awarded during the event. Teachers were not left behind as they were also present and they got a chance to mark the day with the students and the stakeholders present.

The event also showcased talent among the students who had come up with various tech innovations. Nova Academy made a presentation on the ‘Burst a nerve’ innovation project that would make studying among students easy and more interesting. Precious Blood Riruta gave a presentation on the award winning M-safiri application that would transform the transport industry. Moi Educational Centre emerged position one with the best idea on how to make the internet better.

The organizations present played a part in ensuring the success of the event. They highlighted their role in promoting online safety for the children. They also brought merchandizes for the students who took part in the competition as well as all members present for the event.

Watoto Watch Network wishes to thank all who took part in Safer Internet Day 2017, for making the day a success.

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