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What can I do because my child knows more about technology than I do?

Try your best to familiarize yourself with the apps and soft wares that they are using currently. You can even ask them to teach you how to use them. This will help you and your child to interact more.

Always show interest in what your child is doing or involved in on the internet

What applications can I install to protect my children when they are using the internet?

As a parent, you can use web filters to reduce access to what your children do online.

Some filters available include the ones listed here under Filters tab.

There are also web browsers specifically designed for children such as the ones here under Browsers tab. They provide a safe environment for children online.

What do I do when I find out my child has been cyber bullied online?

You can start by reporting the cyber bullying on the specific social network site that it occurred in. Every application you use always has a report button on it.

First and foremost collect the evidence of the cyber bullying that has happened, once you have the evidence you can go and report this to the Cyber Crime Unit. This is the unit that deals with any form of Cyber crime that occurs in Kenya.

What are the signs that a child is being cyber bullied via the internet?

  • The child will become withdrawn and shy away from the use of phones and any gadgets that can link them to the internet.
  • The personality of the child can change from a very outgoing and confident personality to a shy withdrawn personality
  • Children develop fear of certain places or people they may have been close to before the abuse occurred.
  • Becoming secretive and hiding things they were open about before.


How do I ensure my children are safe online?

  1. Web filters such as the ones described here under Filters tab.
  2. By using children friendly browsers such as the ones listed here under Browsers tab.
  3. By educating their children on the potential risks they can encounter online by following the guidelines set here under the Educate and Tips tabs.


What are some other ways to assist the children affected by cyber bullying other than reporting the matter to the relevant authority?

Any child who has been cyber bullied is usually affected, emotionally, physically and even socially. Such a child will need psychosocial support on how to overcome the trauma and damage that can be caused by cyber bullies.

By educating their children on the importance of using the internet safely by following the guidelines set here under the Educate and Tips tabs.

How do online groomers target children online?

  • The profile picture a child uses is one factor that lures online sexual predators. Some profile pictures are very revealing.
  • When a child puts personal information on their social networking sites. This information makes it easy for a groomer to identify with the child. Personal information includes; age, full names, school name, home address and phone number, hobbies, and other interests
  • They know how to identify a child who is vulnerable and connect through the issues that the child may be going through, e.g. broken families.

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